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外国メディアは、靖国神社を ..... 


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inside the Hermit Kingdom 

TIME Asia Magazine

'Historical Amnesia' Hurts Korea-US Alliance: Hillary Clington 

Former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton said "historical amnesia" among South Koreans about the important role the United States has played in supporting the country’s development is putting strain on their longstanding military alliance. ...

The Korea Times

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


一旦訪日取り消しを言明した外務大臣が、取り消しを取り消して来日することにしたり、韓国の外交はどうなっているのでしょう。靖国問題につては、日本で報道機関の前で記者会見を開くことによってマスコミにその抗議の記録をとどめることにした、とも言っているらしい。 Dropping outrage, Ban resets his trip to Tokyo

This morning one congressman revealed that NK spurned Hyundai corp because Hyundai would not supply the secrets about Korean submarine construction. If this is true, then this government is committing treason. Treason! (Source: The Marmot's Hole)

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hamster Sudoku(数独) 

Okay this isn't a tranny thing, but it is the most popular thing on my (Vecky's) website. It's a Sudoku(数独*)game made from any pictures you like on Flickr. And if you want to make it a tranny thing you can always try this version.

Becky's Web Site (Via shikencho weblog)

Update*: 数独は、日本で生まれて、現在、海外でブームになっているゲームだそうです。

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Asia's Space Race 

Welcome to TIMEasia.com

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